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Minerals such as: Kaolin, Potassic feldspar, Gypsum, Fluorspar, Barite, Bentonite, Dolomite, Limestone, Carbonate Calcium
Industrial MachineryDifferent types of European second-hand machinery, equipment, production lines, and the Gearbox.

Supply and export of all steel sections for use in the rolling, tooling and machinery manufacturing industries.
Raw Material

Different types of Electrodes, Iron cast ingots, Ferro alloys, Base metals, Alloy steel, Ceramic filters, Graphite, Minerals, Refractories, Oil products and Molybdenum.
Cast Iron Ingot

Different types of Cast iron such as Alloy ingot, Ductile ingot, Gray cats iron, White cast iron, Pig iron,
Ferro Alloys

Ferro alloys such as: Ferro Boron, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Titanium,Ferro Silicon, Ferro Silico Magnesium, Ferro Phosphorus, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Vanadium.
Raw material

Industrial goods, depending on how consumption in the production process and the cost of all & zwnj; is administered area. Accordingly.
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The term Yapvlad steel alloys for iron between 0.025 to about 2% carbon used & zwnj; alloy steels is often associated with other metals.

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