SEPAHAN POUYESH ARYA Co. (Supply and export of all steel sections for use in the rolling, tooling and machinery manufacturing industries)

We are proud of introducing our specialized company Sepahan Pouyesh Arya CO.

Through precious experience of imports/exports as a symbol of quality and trust in the steel industry,located in Esfahan.

Our company has been able to stablish itself in relation to other countries in global markets all around the world, and also has developed extensivebusiness(commercial)

Relaions with foundries and steel-making industries locally and globally.At present, we are cooperating with many credible producers/consumers of foundry raw materials in China,Russia,Brazil,South Africa,India and European counties,and looking forward to finding new horizons of opportunities in a vast range of activities.

We pay our humble regards to all our consumers/business partners, in ordert, Support and cooperation. Their time tested trust in the most valuable thing and a great pride for us.

We have membership in many chambers such as Iran chamber of commerce,Iran and Russia,Iran and UAE,Iran and China joint chamber of commerce’s and so on.It’s a success for us to gain ISO 9001:2008 from AFNOR France and preferable exporter rank in 2017.

In the latest two years we have became a food stuff supplier, but supplying Ferro Alloys,Alloy Steel, Steel products and minerals, is our main activity.

Another strength is to have office in Dubai and Oman and we are also trying to distribute our activities all over the world.

Our mission is to maintain our position at the fore front of the industry by deliveringthe right(high quality)products in the right volumes on time.we’ll continue devoting our effort with all sincerity in manufacturies supplying high quality products.Also we listed all materials that we can supply in Iran,here.